HP, lotr, spn,Hunger Games and Doctor Who fan, a bit of a bookworm (adventure and magic stuff), optimist on a good day and a crappy philosopher on any other. Am a MUSER,beware of the spam. Questions are very welcome:)

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

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Black rock peak by ~tihomirmladenov

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(by justb)

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Here comes the snow spam!

I love snow! The dry crispiness of it and the sound you hear when you walk through it like through the heaps of cold,soft and flaky cottonwool. Of course there isn’t much snow in Britain,is there? Well, not this year. All of my friends are rejoicing at the fact and I have to spend the New Year’s eve with the dull view of almost-green grass before me…But I’m not losing hope.

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