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Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

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What scientists say in research papers vs. What they actually mean (via io9).

I shouldn’t be laughing this hard.

Yes. This is good.

Omg it’s like my college career staring right at me.

My thesis, ladies and gents.

My research paper will probably encompass all these terms.

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So yeah… went to the movies for the first time in months. Had no idea what I’d see, but this movie was cool. Extremely so tbh.. Apparently there are books  oops more reading to do

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Every major recorded earthquake since 1898, showing how Earth is put together.

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you can be like sif.

you can be like black widow

you can be like jane foster

you can be like darcy

you can be like pepper potts.

But i suggest being like Mjolnir, and only allow worthy people to pick you up.


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Life Tip: Don’t allow Tumblr to become your primary/only source for morality. Remember, this is the site which had many people genuinely believe that they can get unlimited chocolate just by slicing it a certain way. I know I certainly wouldn’t want these people dictating my worldview for me.

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The 12th Doctor is revealed

It is a woman

it is Pepper Potts from Iron man

Dr. Pepper

#the only problem #she would be too competent #there wouldn’t be any drama #pepper potts #doesn’t run #she walks calmly #at a brisk pace #and solves her shit #in an orderly fashion (x)

She would be a goddamn scary Doctor. 

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Have you ever realized that every book you’ve ever read is just a combination of 26 letters

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legend has it theres life outside the internet

Shut up Netflix we all know that’s bullshit

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